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Open the door workers. Thailand, Korea: co-signed minister. Thai workers – Korea.

Cat’s-eye glasses Labor Minister Visits Korea signed gold record deal to send workers into Thailand, working in Korea. The Minister of Labor Korea ‘stressed’ workers to use patience and do not flee employers ‘guide’ people skills to be a Korean who has the opportunity. And language training services for use on Skill Development Center. To prevent deception. 
Republic of Korea / 12 April 52 cat’s-eye glasses, Gold said Minister of Labor. Has signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Labor and the Republic of Korea. Ministry of Labor of the Kingdom of Thailand with the Thai workers to the Republic of delivery. Korea under the foreign labor system (EPS: Employment Permit System) to affect 1 in 15 countries, Thailand is the official authorized to enter Korea to work correctly. The balance will be allocated to parties according to the needs of employers and economic conditions. The signing ceremony was the Permanent Secretary, Mr. Somchai moist legislation safeguarding workers Mr.Pichai doctoral held. General Department of Employment. And management related. Both Thailand and the Republic of Korea. And many Thai workers in Korea. Has held a signing ceremony witnessed at the park Hwa Rang provincial town of San Gil Kong Dole. 
The signing of the agreement sent to the state Labor government in this time by 3 to 1 in 15 countries, the Thai authorities to allow Korea to work. Normal amount of quota allocation was estimated at 1 billion people each year, but due to economic slowdown is affecting sales quota, Korea will apply. Alien workers, which results in total this year, Thailand has been allocated the number of 4,900 people. In No. 5 after Vietnam (7,000), Philippines (5,700 people) Sri Lanka (5,400 people), Indonesia (5,300 people) from all 15 countries total foreign workers open to 59,500 people into work. 
The average income. Of work to fall to about 27,000 baht per month to send money to different countries flurry 25,000 baht per month. 
Paitoon said after the signing ceremony that “asking who would travel to work in the Republic. Korea has a special focus on the readiness of the Korean language. Because Korea is through very strict. In one study a candidate as many 2 – 3 billion people, but the pass is only 2-3 thousand people and only to reduce costs and prevent fraud, it is requested. Workers interested in working in foreign countries to study Korean with application development centers. Skill, which is in every province across the country without charge, and the. Talk with minister. Strength of the Korean people know that Korea would have to work up Thai. Thailand’s position is now ranked number 5 of the 15 countries of Korea, allow workers to work. And ask the media to help build understanding of Thai workers that employers do not escape. It will affect the balance of the allocation of quota for Thai workers in their entirety “.