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       Education in Korea is quite different from the Thailand. Start counting from age. Since the aged pregnant. Therefore, Korean people will like more than one year old when born the same year, our education system. 


Level 1 kindergarten class. 

        Aged 3-6 years, students will go to school from 8.00-4.00 pm and then go to a special school. (Most parents would give to a special school children to begin to learn from children. In kindergarten) school bus, but will have to be sent home to car to look like a yellow van. And small bus. 


Level 2 primary education. 

        Aged 7-12 years to learn it at the same kindergarten children. But to go to a special school. It may be late than kindergarten children. From 7-year-old Korean children start learning to go there himself. By the bus or subway. 


Level 3 secondary school level. 

        Aged 13-15 years, this is the same as primary education. 


Level 4 high school. 

        Aged 16-18 years time is the same, but the study does not call Sci – line art to study mathematics or age 18 if all are in great to the University. Children will learn the special Ekib through midnight to the home. Back home, still need to read the book too. 


Level 5, age 19-21 years, higher education. 

        1, a 2-3 year college education. 

        Type 2 Industrial University. 

        3, a University เพื่ิ the study. 

        4, a technical university technology. 

        5 is a university education through satellite. 


        University of Korea will not be a subsidiary of. Is what is great, but most of the University. Set to enter anything. But the university will study 7-8 subjects like our home university.