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Tadtaw Korean peninsula to the south of East Asia is 1,020 kilometers long (612 miles) wide and 175 kilometers (105 miles) at a narrow point of the peninsula area 70% of the country is mountainous. Are classified as countries with the most mountainous terrain is one of the world. The physical changes of the earth is made of granite and limestone. Wonderfully beautiful terrain. Includes hills and valleys along the eastern mountains and steep Tadtaw into the East Sea. While the South Coast and other western mountain slopes gently downward to coastal plains. Agriculture is the source of one of the largest in Korea, especially in rice Korean peninsula was divided into 2 sections parallel to the area above the 38 democratic countries. Republic of Korea in the south. Communist North Korea and the countries form is between the demilitarized zone. South Korea is 99,500 sq km area with a population 47.9 million (This was 2003) consists of 9 provinces (Dole) in Seoul is the capital of the country. And consists of 6 major cities in the nation in York, San Integrate Google c put Jon and Julie Track million industry in Santa and all the 77 cities (C) 88 provinces (Pig) in 9 provinces.