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Korea has warm weather in the area. And Four Seasons are different. 

In late March or early April. Trees will blossom in full leaf early. A sign that spring has begun. During March to May will have several days to bright sunshine throughout the day.


The hot summer weather and some rain. Green trees are bearing the general deterioration. In June the average temperature is slightly higher than 20 degrees Celsius. Storm season typically begins in late June. Until mid or late July and August weather is very hot and humid.


Fall begins at the end of September. Winds blow from the mainland, the air dry and clear. The air is the most suitable for travel in October. Views across the country will have colorful leaves that change with a gold and red from full.


In December to February is cold and dry air. Sometimes rain or snow. During this often frosty air on alternate days for about 3-4 days to feel warm.