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        Korean language is spoken in most. South Korea and North Korea. This is the official language. And people who have family living in Korea, People’s Republic of China, said. Generally (in these provinces Yee Move a Piano จื๋ the province, which borders adjacent to Lin, Korea) around the world people speak Korean as well as 78 million people in the former Soviet Union, Canada, Brazil, Japan and the United States recently. This is the speaker in the Philippines organized by the Korean family is not generally accepted. But most people tend to hold a single language. Linguist someone in the group. Altay language family with the makers. Because the Korean language has a word parsing contact. The syntax or sentence structure is. As President – Medicine – verb (SOV). 

Korean alphabet called Han characters million old. Use voice instead of each syllable. In addition to using traditional Chinese characters called letters Hans Jacobsen. In written. While the terminology used is largely a pure Korean language. With a vocabulary of more than 50% of the Chinese both direct and indirect. 

     Name the word “Korean” in North Korea and South Korea are different. In Korea. North Korea most people called Joseon Malcolm (조선말) or if the official is called the Joseon (조선어). 

In Korea, most people call their language that the chef Malcolm Hunter (한국말) or cook the Hunter (한국어) or the chef (국어) sometimes called the villagers in a language that re-Uwe Malcolm (means “. our language “; From the word 우리말 (written in Korean joint), or 우리 말 (writing separately in Korea). 

     Korean dialect is very My official languages used in South Korea is the dialect used in the Seoul area. Official language and the dialect used in North Korea is using around Pyongyang City. Dialect is generally similar. Dialect on the island, except rental Zhu a relatively large difference. The most important difference between each dialect is accent (stress) of the Seoul dialect is very little stress. And not a height in the voice on the other hand dialect of c roe has a high fiber, low-sounding language, very similar and through Europe. However, we can identify dialect of Korean into the region. That has the table. Based on the scope of mountains and sea.