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Foreign policy

         Republic of Korea has accelerated economic development of countries. Especially in industry and the new industrial countries (NICS) is making progress in the leading economic. 

         The Asian Development. Required workforce in the manufacturing sector of the economy are numerous. But the law is Korean Exit and Entry Control Act 1977 does not allow foreign labor. Except for certain special tasks. And training into work or into work through a joint venture of Korea. Therefore, Korea is experiencing workforce shortages. The only semi-skilled workers and wireless play. As a result, the Korean wireless capability works not popular types include the 3D dirty (Dirty) the difficulty (difficult) of hazardous (dangerous) are migrants from various countries. Smuggle into work, many in Korea. Due to higher compensation. Estimated number of illegal foreign workers in Korea may be up to 380,000 illegal foreign workers who in Korea. Most migrants are from countries in Southeast Asia, including India, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar and China. 

          When problems are labor shortages are more severe. And a barrier to economic development, so in 36 years, Korean government has the opportunity to plant small and medium industries to import foreign workers to work in joint venture with Korea’s foreign work in Korea. In the form of job training (Training) is a term not exceeding 1 year and has extended the internship is less than 3 years later. 

          After the Korean government policy for trainee found that the problem of labor shortages are not successful countries. Also makes the problem of illegal foreign workers are more severe. Because many escape trainee internship contract work to another smuggler. Which have higher wages. Combined with industrial trainee system is received reviews from many parties, especially NGOs, labor that violates human rights. Because the alien was lower than the normal wage. Hard working conditions. Dirty and hazardous, so the Korean government has used import foreign workers (Employment Permit System for Foreigner: EPS) simultaneously with the Traning policy through the approval of Parliament, Korea on July 31, 2546 and effective. enforcement on August 17, 2547 by allowing foreign workers to work in specific business areas is 5. 

1. Industrial production. In medium and small businesses with fewer than 300 staff. 

2. Fisheries in coastal fishing operations with vessels trawl size 10-25 tons. 

3. Agriculture and animal husbandry. 

4. The construction activities in the project budget not more than 3 billion won. 

5. The service in 6 categories in the Restaurant Business support service such as cleaning the building. Social work services. Cleaning work. Of patient care. The assistant work home. 

      However, even allowing the workplace to import foreign workers. The Korean government was trying to reduce the use of foreign workers. By the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Korea Energy budget. For subsidies to be used as factories to hire replacement workers in the Korean foreign. The scheduled payment of 500,000 won per person to hire substitute 1 is job creation for unemployed people in South Korea. And measures to reduce employment, industrial trainee down 80 percent from the current number. The trainee will reduce the quota of the country’s export industry workers in Korea in 2 to 3, but for a small business and can not hire local workers with high wages. Will continue to be allowed to hire foreign workers to follow. 

          Although the rate of economic growth of the Republic of Korea will start slowing down since 2003, but whereas the value of goods exports grew at a rate that lofty economic performance remains steady growth. National Bank of Korea estimates that in 2006 the rate of national economic prosperity. Is at 5 percent but the labor force work in the new popularity of Korean enterprise that paid large high. Welfare is good. Allows establishment of medium and small as a unit of economic production. Labor shortages continue to have the same problem. The Korean government expects the policy will be permitted to import foreign workers to another time. Currently, Korean Ministry of Labor. Pending agreement with the report delivered to workers in the delivery of 6 Magokl country is Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Alia will be sent again in the 4 countries is limited Saudi Bay Circuit Cambodia and China, Pakistan location. The quota import foreign workers 2006 of 34,750 people in the next phase of the Republic of Korea to consider increasing number of countries sending more workers, including Iran, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, UK Ati Force facilities.