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Labor Information

        Korea has a system for foreign workers is 2 system. 


1. The system of internship (Training System) Korean government organization representatives allowed operators made an agreement to import workers. Foreign companies with job assignments delivered into the Thai workers working in 3 areas: industry. Under the confederation of small and medium business in Korea (Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business: KFSB) construction under the Construction Association of Korea (The Construction Association of Korea: CAK) and sectors. Agriculture under the action of the Alliance of National Agricultural Cooperation (National Agricultural Cooperative Federation: NACF). 

       – Men at work as a trainee. Will be paid less than the minimum wage (at least 567,260 won per month) The employer arranged for food and accommodation. 

       – Its recruitment. Assignments to delivery workers. Responsible care workers during work in Korea. And charges and expenses from the workers by law. And requires the evaluation of corporate representative operators. It will be to have a contract. 

2. The work permit (Work Permit System), Korean Ministry of Labor selected the 6 countries have the right to send one job to run the program allows foreign employment (Employment Permit System: EPS), including Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Sri Lanka. In Thailand, Mongolia signed a memorandum of understanding to supply Thai workers to work in Korea on June 17, 2547 by Thai Labor Department. (Department of Employment) act as authorities send job to Korean Ministry of Labor. The Korea Institute of Human Resource Development (Human Resources Development Service: HRD) MoU is scheduled 2-year period can be changed or have expanded. The joint review of the Thai Ministry of Labor and Korea. 


            Contract work for the benefit of the people under the EPS. 

             – Contract work is scheduled for 1-year time period to have the contract worker to work in Korea was 3 years. 

             – Wages not less than the minimum wage is 700,600 won (about 27,500 baht). 

             – Protection and Welfare was the minimum required by labor law. Like local workers, such as the accident both in and outside working hours. Health insurance. And local workers compensation laws. 

             – Department of Employment conditioned delivery people find jobs. Employers the right to organize accommodation for workers without charge. Must pay wages during the trial of not less than minimum wage. And nature must work the work that is not harmful to health. 

 At. Month June 2549 Thai workers are working in the Republic of Korea, approximately 37,200 people into work is a labor law by the EPS and Traning of 25,750 people into work as a smuggler of 11,450 people a province of Thai workers are working a lot. Susan Swan bar stool ย Reservation in San Wu AL SAN SAN SAN posted in worm worm Pu Dong Kyeong Yang Zhu c in a tab in the month of Thai workers are able to command money back countries, approximately 450 million baht.