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Minister of labor market expansion and protection of Thai workers in Korea.

In addition, the Minister of Labor also has signed the MOU. With the new Minister of Labor of Korea. Since the signing of the past in the past 2 times expire on August 29, 2551, but due to the MOU. The new release will occur has not been completed. But lest affecting the delivery people to find jobs working. Director-General of the parties has signed a renewal to enforce the MOU. Original issue date to April 27, 2552. 
For the substance of the MOU, the new details on. Step operation. Korean authorities have identified the responsible actions can take. Korean people elected to the job. And to identify the responsible parties in Thailand, the Korean language ability test (EPS-KLT) as well as customs duty exemption. And facilitate the clearance through for imported materials. Thailand to test the ability of Korean language. 
Minister of Labor, said the signing of this MOU will benefit the Thai labor. This job has a job to people overseas. The current Korean labor market is popular with many Thai people find jobs. Due to cost less necessary. Getting to work in the run up to 3 years old and if employers want to hire the work can continue to renew year by year. 
Minister of Labor. Reveal that. Opened up the Korean language ability test to select the delivery to make. Each time the candidates will have approximately 30,000 test if the signing of a new MOU. Thailand will be allocated quota in the delivery of Thai workers to work in the Republic of Korea and 10,000 people will benefit in the delivery people to find work based employment system. Foreigners have continued to operate since 2547, the number one job opportunity to work overseas travel without charge. Careers more. Which helps alleviate the problem of unemployment within the country as well. 
Finally, the Minister of Labor said. Ministry of Labor has sent workers to work in the Republic of Korea, Thailand, the commitment record. Understanding of the Korean Ministry of Labor since 2547 to date and 23,808 Thai workers who made these economic benefits from the income return. About a month in approximately 645.6 million baht, or approximately 7,748 million baht per year, representing the average wage contract each 27,120 baht per month.