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Labor Minister Visits Korea for the market, “added” to accelerate the training skilled workers enter Thailand, “quick”.

          11 Apr 52 scheduled visit to the Republic of Korea, said Paitoon glass gold Minister Mr. Somchai labor legislation moist Permanent Secretary of Labor. Executives with the Ministry. In addition to great labor day Songkran and signed in understanding the Thai workers to deliver. Working in Korea then. Also focus on expanding job market with business leaders of Korea. The first day of the visit. Met with leaders of Korea’s largest business group 2 is GSM and Toshiba, which are asked to respond better to Thai workers.

          GSM Tower at the Tower. Mr. chrysoberyl and the Board. To travel to discuss with the management. GSM engine Strong Content, PA Clearing & Co. Euro Limited Corporation in Seoul on Thai labor and employment conditions in large construction projects of GSM companies in Thailand such as oil refinery construction project. And construction projects in other countries, which said chrysoberyl. Requested the company consider hiring Thai workers in various construction projects around the world that has more. And ready to help facilitate the delivery of Thai workers to immediately. Mr. Kim is also key. Senior executive vice president of GSM, said the company decided to hire Thais to work. Thai people know that it works already. In Thailand. The Thai company has hired nearly 100 people per project issues. Each of the Thai labor through its subcontractor, however, most people in Thailand more than 3,000 jobs are rare and are more like metal welder. Since most popular Middle East travel to work.

          Later, Mr. chrysoberyl. Have discussions with executives of Toshiba. A network of investment in construction throughout the world. To provide guidance in determining the employment of Thai workers to work as the company Toshiba is a Korean-based companies in various business fields, particularly construction. And now needs construction workers in large public presence in Africa, which with care in matters of security, if the Thai workers to work with.

           Mr. Paitoon said Thai operator quality of this Korean. The relationship between long and is a great opportunity to enact their companies into the Thai workers to work on tasks against the current global economy are to unlock the workers as a News Release. Spread out continuously. วึ่ Ministry of Labor must accelerate the development of skilled workers in the field needs to. Enter the operator urgently. To find new pathways to the Thai people in foreign markets, while in countries. Tight due to economic conditions.