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Labor Minister inaugurated the Songkran Thai workers in Korea.

          Thai workers in Korea, ‘warm’ Minister of Labor chrysoberyl gold cup opening Songkran. Workers together good people keep traditions Korean government and private support are good ยื่ of. Thai workers who will leave the ideas to work in Korea. 

          12 Apr 52 / parks in the San Hwa Rang said chrysoberyl glass gold Minister of Labor. President opening day Songkran Thai workers to work in the Republic of Korea. The trip comes Mr. Somchai legislation moist Permanent Secretary of Labor. And executives associated with chrysoberyl Minister said at one of the brothers in the labor that. “This trip has to be. Encouragement to Thai workers. As a work in constant touch with the workers are familiar. Brothers are understood to Thai workers well. Ask everyone to maintain physical health mental health patient to a vigorous force for family and country “. 

          In this event. Minister of Labor of Korea. Mayor of area events are open to joint work. In addition to providing a plate with Korean employers who provide care force. Thailand is well on the 3 types of activities are construction and agricultural industries. Minister of Labor and Korea was awarded to Thai workers talent. Unique in the Korean language as well. Atmosphere in a knapsack with some sunshine Rich Mitramtri. Government agencies, NGOs and the private sector in Korea and Thai people are the activities and food booths from each other heavily. 

          Khon Kaen กองแก้ว people said success by merit. With experience in Korea, 9 years is the only Thai working with Korean workers more than 100 people in manufacturing plastic Chin Chin to switch electric appliances enter the LG said that work. must have patience. And must know all the adjustment. In addition to learning the Korean language and then. Also must learn to understand cultures. And habits of the employers. Which must accept that when there are new pressures much. But when the beyond. Learning together to find it. Korea ‘s employers have good hearts. And treat her as well as family. The Thai workers are asked to adhere to the main career here is to have patience to work. And cold weather. And submissiveness. Confer with the employer with a polite attitude and speech. The strength of the Thai majority of endurance, but is an industrial waste. Is often like drinking. And do not like is the advantage, especially on pay sometimes not on time.