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Korean diplomatic discussions minister. Workers. Delivery quota increase negotiations the Thai workers.

On June 29, 2552 Mr. chrysoberyl glass gold welcome the Minister of Labor Mr. Hat book – a dive (Mr.Chong Hae-MOON) Ambassador of the Republic of Korea in Thailand. Found to discuss the delivery of Thai workers to the Republic of Korea. The system of hiring foreign workers (Employment Permit System for Foreigners Workers: EPS), the Korean government allowed foreign workers to receive 2 system is a system of industrial internship (Industrial Trainee System) in 3 areas: industry. By the confederation of small and medium business in Korea (Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business; KFSB) construction by the Construction Association of Korea (The Construction Association of Korea) and by the agricultural sector. The World Federation of Agricultural Cooperation in National (National Agricultural Cooperative Federation; NACF). 
Another one is the work permit system (Work Permit System) in Korea for 6 selected countries, including Thailand, are people who have the right delivery system for the employment of foreign workers (Employment Permit System for Foreigners Workers: EPS), which when. on April 12, 2552 Mr. chrysoberyl glass gold Minister of Labor. Signed with Mr. Lee Kyeong He (Mr. Lee Young Hee) Minister of Labor Republic of Korea at the city of San, a Memorandum of Understanding No. 3. 
For this is found to confer a collaboration between Thailand and Korea in the. Delivery Thai workers to work. Because employers are impressed with the Korean and generous capacity of Thai workers. However, to reduce the quota of the division of Korea more than 20,000 cases per year was only 3,900 in Korea this year, the Ambassador explained that. Because the global economy affect the Korean economy is increasingly tight. Are needed to lower labor quota in every nationality. Not only workers, but only Thailand. The records continued to decline since before. 
Minister of Labor, said it accepted that Thai workers have some problems on alcohol drunk driving and fled employers that official Korean foreign workers not driving. But also clarified the meeting in the Thai workers know that their visit and meeting. Thai workers in Korea during Songkran last. There are also open training a new generation of Thai workers are traveling to work. Korea that it should behave in that way while in Korea is required. Skills and training skills to meet the needs of employers Korea has discussed ways to send Thai workers to work with a Korean employer. Construction of countries such as Nigeria and Libya, which the employer to coordinate Korea last for more than 700 Thai workers who has been helping to promote the economy of Thailand and Korea to continue to improve.