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Department of Employment remind candidates through to the Korean report within the set.

Department of Employment announced the ability to pass the Korean language. To report to the Department of Employment within the time specified. To send the official list of Korea. Korean employers to be considered for selection to work. 

Mr. Pichai escort was unique. General Department of Employment said that the Department of Employment and Human Resources Development Institute of Korea (HRD) is recruiting people for the Korean language ability test (EPS-KLT) for those wishing to travel to work in the Republic of Korea. The foreign labor system (EPS) has shown that candidates in both Bangkok and upcountry people, which included 29,931 Division, Korea has set the test on November 9, 2551, and set the standard pass rate is 80 points. full score, with 200 examinees of 24,949 people and has a pass of 3268 people (representing 13.17 per cent), but Korean authorities have not let a vote to pass the note. The only notification of the pass that separates the various activities, including industrial agriculture and animal husbandry 2,774 people 322 people 151 people building service employees and 15 Department of Fisheries 6 people will be delivered through the list of all candidates. Korean official to lead. Korean employers selected to run. Who did not pass the means. And that will certainly have to work. However, depending on whether employers will be selected by Korean or not. If the employer has chosen, but later canceled the contract. Or Korean official declined to issue visas. There is no right to go to work as well. 

Department of Employment for people to pass the exam receive certificates manually as administrator of Thai workers to foreign countries. Henceforth. To apply to work with both the Republic of Korea. During 8-16 December 2551 at the provincial employment office every province. Department of Employment is known to deliver the list to the official Korean steps to ask more details. Executive Office of Thai workers to foreign countries. Din Daeng, Bangkok, Department of Employment at telephone number 0-2245-6716 or Hotline 1694.