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Department of Employment remind candidates Korean nearly 3 billion people to check the location and travel to take time to test this November 9.

Department of Employment alert candidate who can Korean (EPS-KLT) to check the location and travel to test facilities to test time. 

Mr. Pichai escort was unique. General Department of Employment said that the Department of Employment and Human Resources Development Institute, Korea (Human Resources Development of Korea: HRD) has received one application for the Korean language ability test (EPS-KLT) for those wishing to travel to work. in the Republic of Korea. By the strength of foreign employment (Employment Permit System for Foreigners: EPS) have shown that the candidate in Bangkok and provinces totaled 29,929 people, which Department of Employment has set the test on Sunday November 9, 2551 by. education is a field test is divided into 3 provinces, including Bangkok and 21 of 10 Total number of Pathum Thani and 2 of 9 of the Employment Department announced a test site on Monday, November 3, 2551. 

Because this test has a number of candidates. Therefore fear that the test will have to travel to test both cars and private cars. Bus shelters. As well as people who need to travel – to pass the test site. May cause traffic congestion in the area, so ask the examinee’s test to check their location clear. And reserve time to go into exams. The examination room must be within 09.30 am on 9 November 2551 Start time 10:30 to 11:40 am sure that if the wrong place to test or exam late will not be allowed to check if you have any questions. Ask for details at. Department to determine the EPS system administrator run by Thai workers to foreign countries. Department of Employment Tel. 0-2245-6716 or Hotline 1694.