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A. Labor Spokesman Clarifies the progress of Korean mission.

Dense honorable beaming spokesperson said the Ministry of Labor political parties. Revealed that between 17 – 23 October 2552 last November, Mr. Hyun. Nana Assistant Minister of Labor, along with their 5 and the number of people assigned by the cat’s-eye glasses, Gold said Minister of Labor. To the government to follow South Korea. The successful mission follows. 
The inspection visit the Thai workers in Korea. A total workforce of 39,222 people sent by the Department of State to the public system or e-PS (Employment Permit System – EPS) 21,520 people and another 12,757 illegal migrants by people with illegal workers to receive. The summer minimum wage law issues. Lack of social guarantees. Lack of confidence. The overall Thai workers working in the industry, small and medium-sized (SME) in Korea, which has more than 1 million and needs of Thai workers because of hard work features high-skilled labor productivity at work and have. good relationships with colleagues. But there are significant weaknesses in the Korean language ability is low and start gambling problem drugs currently on the e-PS 3,300 Thai workers who take over 1253 employees remaining quota system by another 2,097 people e-PS are. pay only for the aircraft to back up examination. 
However, it is also part of the Thai labor immigration, illegal settlement Ceahaw pay 2 billion baht, which currently is not cost effective because of the rigid Korea will get back home. And this work is no guarantee. The Ministry of Labor to accelerate skills development and to Korean examinees E. PS throughout the rigorous focus on behavior. To increase quota of Thai workers in Korea make up. 
Mr. undergrowth that divinity was revealed to encourage application Nana said Deputy Minister of Labor. Was meeting with Hyundai. To consider increasing the number of workers in the greater Middle East. Since Hyundai hire foreign projects approximately 25,000 people by the company. Special attention is if the Thai workers have been sent by the state government or executive to PS because it makes workers pay the price is. The details in this matter is under negotiation between the Company. With the Thai Ministry of Labor. This will enable Thai workers have the opportunity to work in the Middle East thousands. 
Mr. dense honorable to say that. Deputy Minister of Labor also attended meetings with Dr. Dalgon Lee, Minister of Interior and Security of the Republic of Korea. On corporate reform and strengthening human resources. By offering a way to grow green. To ensure economic growth and the environment in Asia is sustained throughout the presentation on the labor movement of the Philippines has 8.7 million in annual revenue to 4 billion baht amount represents 10 percent. of GDP. While Thai workers in Thailand are about 4 billion people overseas revenue into the country each year by 5-6 billion baht this meeting are public sector organizations in the eastern region (EROPA – Eastern Regional Organization for Public Administration: 22nd. General Assembly and Conference on Public Governance in Challenging Economic Times: Human Resource Development at The Battlefront) meeting and countries. Join more than 10 countries, more than 200 people benefit Thailand in human resources development next. 
Said Mr. dense honorable activity, Mr. Nana to encourage application of particular interest is the view of education institutions develop human resources organizations, Korea (HRD), which focus on skills development targeted to the unemployed workers who work temporarily. And workers in small and medium-sized industries. The organization serves as the management and coordination support to the statements about the associations linked to the Foundation School Program in some institutions and R. H will pay good wages to support employers. To provide training to employees. Can be contacted through the Internet to view the full training Bos Don Rico. The training opportunities to disadvantaged children and young people who have trouble using. Life to training and the new life skills training and Skill as a training center. Important in the production of Korean youth in the winner Skill world. This results in Korea has achieved an industry level. With Japan. Mr. May said that encourage the development of skilled Thai workers have started to adjust different directions. To move to excellence continue.