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A. Labor and Training Delivery Thai workers to work the first Korean flight 149 people.

Mr.Paiturn Keawtong, Minister of Labor. To travel to visit people find work. Will travel to Korea to work of 149 people who enjoin journalists do not break the rules of the Korean steel 3 is not an escape from their employer. Not driving and not drinking. There are people to work. 80 people in the industry of agricultural sector of 30 people in training, language and culture at the Department of Skill Development Phitsanulok 9. The Thai workers have contracts with Lisa and Victor travel done. A state of delivery. Which is scheduled to go on Monday night at 8 June 2552 The flight KE 652 people of 63 flight KE 654 people of 47 separate male 97 people 13 people including 110 women, who are also training people for work at the Board. Humanities. University core. As pilot projects for integrated development of potential migrants before migration to work abroad, which this project has been supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs budget of 39 people will travel flight KE 652 people of 17 flight KE 654 total number of 22 people. people go in Monday night at 8 June 2552 the number of 149 people. 
“Continued Mr. chrysoberyl. According to the needs of employers, foreign workers. Many other countries, national. Also found that demand for Thai workers. For the case of the Republic. Korea, after signing the agreement (MOU) on foreign labor, or EPS (Employment Permit System for Foreign Workers: EPS) between Thailand and the Republic of Korea, the last is No. 3 on April 12, 2552 by the Minister. Ministry of Labor. Travel has signed an agreement to receive quota shipments of Thai workers to work with Korea. Government to government delivered by Department of Employment. Ministry of Labor to HRD Korea, an agency under the Ministry of Labor Republic of Korea. Without charge of 4,900 employees in 5 types of business is industrial. The agricultural animal husbandry. Construction activities. Service and fishing operations. Rates of employment per month. 836000-904000 Thai money won represents approximately 25080-27120 baht per month, assuming the minimum wage set by the Republic of Korea 4,000 won per hour or 120 baht per hour. This does not include other income such as overtime or bonus payments from employers. Age 1 year contract and can amount to an additional 2 years and 3 years after a set number of years through 3 substances Tarn Korean government will issue through the evidence in EPS (legally) to the Korean employers contract. employment, access to new functionality. (Re-Employment) after a stay in Thailand the Ahuja, a 1-month period by the contact agency HRD Korea in Thailand. Based on Department of Employment. To the visa process. Go back to work. Department of Employment and notified to return to work without a new charge any total.