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Movement of labor market situation in the Republic of Korea.

        Republic of Korea showed the current economic slowdown. Won currency slump. Economic growth lowest since 
financial crisis in 2540 BC the export value decline, which is severely affected by problems associated post Es ° banking world
population problem in lower revenues. Conditions of employment are not appropriate, however, estimates that Korean economy
will start recovering in the 3 quarter of 2552 as a result of economic incentive measures of the government of the Republic of Korea National  each other. 


        Republic of Korea, economic structure and heavy emphasis on tech-industry technology level significant source of revenue from the manufacturing sector for export. The Republic of Korea, the production system called “Chaebol” is a chain of large manufacturing plants to distribution facilities to produce text. Locating the small and medium (SME) SME factories are scattered across the country. And a major source of employment of foreign workers. Korean popular because people working in large businesses, such as the automotive industry. Steel industry. Industrial technology, etc.. 


        Lack of skilled foreign workers allowed to work in the Republic of Fr. Hli delivery system check by the State (Employment Permit System: EPS), there were 13 countries including China, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Hugo Gil C Bell Place, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar migrants, most of these types of work. 3D in the small and medium-sized businesses. Areas with most Thai workers are in Ansan, Uijongbu and Province Suwon City Kyonggi-do. 


        Foreign workers to work in the EPS quota is set by the government of the Republic of Korea. Which will be announced quota of each country the new beginning in March 2552 are expected to decrease the number of quota. Because economy slowdown. And will be selected, however, more labor intensive to reduce EPS in the agricultural workers to escape the labor of illegal work. Because conditions do Gaa and conditions of employment that is not good government of the Republic of Korea in 2552 to set contracts in the agricultural sector more circumspect. Protect more workers. And limit citizenship to be allowed to work for ease of control, but the Ministry of Labor Republic of Korea, has led to foreign workers (Visa E 9) a semi-skilled (Semi – Skill) plan was to begin operations in 2552, but. due to economic crisis in the country. Need to make the move in 2553. 


        According to the Ministry of Labor Republic of Korea at the end of January 2552 with Thai workers to work in the Republic of Korea, 45,198 workers who are legally employees 30,852 people and 14,346 illegal migrant workers send money to Thailand these. Both through the formal banking system, and approximately 677,970,000 baht per month.