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Minimum wage rates of the Republic of Korea, 2552.

Republic of Korea has announced a minimum wage of 2552 (on 1 January to 31 December 2552) as follows. 

                            1. Hourly minimum wage per hour to 4,000 won (3,370 won per hour original). 

                            2. Daily wage per day 32,000 won (per 8-hour work day). 

                            3. 836,000 won monthly wage (working 40 hours per week). 

                            4. 904,000 won monthly wage (working 44 hours per week). 

        Working overtime. Must be a willingness of both employers and employees. And must be. Overtime wages. The limit does not work more than 12 hours in 1 week also working overtime the night (from 22.00 hours until 06.00 hours pm) and work on holidays. Usually receive overtime pay increase at least 50 percent legal.